Thermet Solutions

Dedicated to bring to the metallurgical industry the power of mathematical modeling, we have exclusive access to the special software developed and tested in the industry. Mathematical models are modern tools making ‘informed’ decisions rather than ad-hoc, ‘hunch’ based decisions during plant operation.


Reference Quench Probe

Quench Probe is as yet the most advanced equipment for testing quenchants. It is a direct, single, dynamic, in-situ test for the cooling characteristics of a quenchant which is equivalent to several static tests in laboratories.The hardware is a unique design (patent pending) which makes the test easy and simple under plant conditions.


Inconel Probe

After successful demonstration of the unique QuenchProbe for calculation of heat transfer coefficients during in-situ testing of industrial quenching units, TherMet Solutions is now bringing the equipment for the Standard Test Method for Determination of Cooling Characteristics of Quench Oils (as per ASTM D6200-01) and Aqueous Polymer Quenchants by Cooling Curve Analysis with Agitation (as per ASTM D6482-06)


Inverse Solver – For estimating boundary heat flux in thermal processes

InverseSOLVER is based on a serial algorithm for the Inverse Heat Conduction Problem (IHCP) developed to estimate the individual flux components at the unknown boundary. In many practical problems the surface conditions are not known a-prior. In such cases the surface conditions will have to be ‘estimated’ under simulated or laboratory conditions.

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